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Two thousand years ago, most important events of Christianity took place in Jerusalem, an ancient city that is the most sacred place for all Christians in the world. Today the pinnacle of Christian Jerusalem is the ancient and extraordinary the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, to which the present photo album with commentary is dedicated.

Sanctified 13th of September 335 A.D., The Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem personifies the multifaceted and long-suffering history of modern mankind. During its continuous existence, this temple experienced both periods of prosperity, as well as devastating destructions; it used to be visited by tens of thousands of pilgrims per day, as well as stand completely abandoned in times of war. Numerous times it was sacked by invaders, harmed by fire, earthquakes and, alas, internal conflicts between the monks of the local denominations. However, the name of the Savior Jesus Christ contributed to the revival, renewal and survival of the Temple every time its existence was endangered.

Seventeen centuries have passed since The Church of the Holy Sepulcher was erected and sanctified; during this large period of human history, its stone slabs got polished to a shine by the soles of millions of pilgrims, coming to the place, sacred for every Christian in the world. Currently, The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is a unique architectural complex, including Calvary to the place of the Crucifixion, a rotunda with a huge dome, under which Edicule with the Tomb of Jesus is located, the Stone of Anointing and many other Holy sites. Today’s Romanesque style appearance of The Church was given to it in the XII century by the architects that arrived with the Crusaders. They rebuilt the Temple, unifying all of the Holy sites under one roof.

This album-guide, which contains accurate and reliable photo illustrations, aims to enrich your visual experience in The Church of the Holy Sepulcher and explain the key aspects of its Holy sites. The panoramic photos of the inside and outside of the Temple, which were made possible with today’s technologies, allow you to experience all its magnificence in full scale. The photo album also presents a special feature which is the complete description of all of the six Christian denominations that are present in the Temple today, and includes maps and charts, which allow you to navigate in the Temple and the Old Quarters of Jerusalem with ease. Another big feature of the photo album is that all dates, numbers, names, sizes and references are carefully calculated, verified, and meticulously refined.

The present photo album is also the first album about the Temple written in the Russian language.

The Jerusalem Orthodox Patriarchate favorably and continuously provided all the necessary assistance and support during the photo shooting of the album in The Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

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